Party Package: 12 Plush Marshmallow S'more DIY Kits

Party Package:  12 Plush Marshmallow S'more  DIY Kits
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Party package:  12 Plush Marshmallow S'mores kits

Want to celebrate a special event with plush marshmallow s'mores?  With easy-to-follow instructions and simple sewing, you and your guests can make soft cuddly s'mores that will melt everyone's heart.  Once you are finished with this sewing project, you can sign and personalize your plush marshmallow s'mores with a “Handmade by <your name>” label. 

This package includes 12 seperate kits. 

Each kit makes:

  • One marshmallow
  • Two graham crackers
  • melted chocolate hair

 For ages 8 and up


Included in each kit:

  • one marshmallow casing
  • name tag label
  • stuffing
  • white sewing thread
  • brown dmbroidery floss
  • felt squares
  • yarn
  • beads
  • sequins
  • instructions

Not included in each kit:

  • sewing needle
  • scissors
  • glue

Not for children under the age of 3.

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